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  • mnittler
    The XW is a very versatile inverter. I have not found anything that it cannot do with a little thought. The XW;s  AC1 L1, L2 inputs will work for import or export and for charging the batteries as long as AC1 is available. AC2 L1, L2 are for generator input and are complete isolated from the AC1 L1,L2 inputs.  It also has ACOut L1, L2. This XW also have the ability to blend AC2 (generator) with with inverter to be able to run larger loads than the generator can support along.  This is one smart little puppy. When the batteries get full from solar and the solar is still more than the ACout can use then the unit will export to the grid thru AC1 L1,L2 if available if it is programmed to do so.
    April 20
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 8 years.
    April 14
  • jimmyaz
    Hi Dave,

    If I am not mistaken, you have a lot of experience with the Schenider XW and XW+ line of inverter?  I am at a dead lock and seeking for your advise if possible.

    Being on a tight budget I have decided to get the Conext SW for my system and already installed it.  But this thing does not work like it's suppose to at all.  First of all it can only do AC Support for L1 and not L2.  But the biggest issue is even though it said it's impossible for it to back feed the grid, but it does and it had taken me a lot of afford and testing to prove to Schneider that it does and they were able to duplicated it.  Here;s there response.

    "Unfortunately our engineering team was able to duplicate a scenario where CSW can export under certain conditions. We are still assessing the situation. I will advise once an action plan is devised. For now, it may help to balance the loads as closely as possible, or only connect a single 120V line to L1 from the grid. You will still have a split-phase output, but limited to 15A for charging and pass-thru combined.

    Sorry for the inconvenience."

    Now they are offering me to upgraded to the XW+.  But I am now skeptic with Schenider system and I don't know if the XW could work like it advertised.

    Does the XW do AC Support for both L1 and L2?  Does it absolutely does not back feed the grid whatsoever?  I have a "Smart Power meter" for from my ultility power company and that thign can detect the smallest amount being back feed.  Brand is Elster Smart Meter.   When I had the Conext SW running in AC Support, my meter often would show back feed when big load come on and off. 

    Could you shine any light or offer any advise?   thank you.


    March 28