DIY Solar System Manual Opinions needed.

I have a DYI system, so was bored today and thought it would be a good ideal to create a manual for my system. Look it over, I am stuck on maintenance, what else is there????

Link to it:warning its 13 megs.


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    Re: DIY Solar System Manual Opinions needed.

    Hi Ken, minor typo....Square D QO boxes and CBs. I see you have OQ...:roll:

    A great start for a generic manual, also a good primer for someone wanting to view an existing install.

    Must be realllllly wet down there.

    I see a small place in Newfoundland already got over 2 inches up till this morning... and the storm center hasn't got there yet!

    What kind of solar input do you normally get during these storms/rains?

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    Re: DIY Solar System Manual Opinions needed.

    you could optimize the graphics a bit. I'll read it again tomorrow. Nobody understands your system better than yourself. About the best I can think of, is we (reviewers) might catch "Powers of 10" errors, or typos.
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    Re: DIY Solar System Manual Opinions needed.

    Thanks for the input. Will correct the OQ QO thingy. My goal is so that a novice user would have half a chance of keeping it going. If it came to that, hopefully not for some time!!!!

    Saturdays output was 30 AH @ 12VDC.
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    Re: DIY Solar System Manual Opinions needed.

    This is an excellent manual. If I was buying a cabin with such a setup, this manual would increase the value of the system tremendously. Without it, who knows what some yahoo might have set up? Not that I'm calling you a yahoo.

    In the table where you show Performance, it might be clearer to say "watt-hours" instead of wattage.

    If these are instructions intended for a caretaker, it would be good to have pictures of the actual things in place, to show where they are.

    Just like a programmer commenting their own code, this can be good documentation for yourself in the future. When you get to be my age, you could start forgetting things from just a few years back. What gauge wire did I use again? Was that USE-2, or THWN?
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    Re: DIY Solar System Manual Opinions needed.

    Thanks, Yes lots of room for improvement. Heck it is only draft 1.

    Ken the solar yahoo :D
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    Re: DIY Solar System Manual Opinions needed.

    Version/Draft 2. Thanks for all of the input so far.

    New one is only 2 megs.
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