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As most of the regulars treading these boards are aware Ive been looking at generators linked to inverters and problems that occur.Ive asked about DC generators as options. Well yesterday I bought a EX Army 160 amp 28v DC generator. See pictures (side panels removed for pics)

It uses a Lister Petters AC2 2 cyl diesel engine 8.5 hp driving (belt drive) a 5 kw DC generator down rated to 4.5 kw. Fully automatic electric start and stop with hand crank start back up. The alternator and engine are forced air cooled and it comes with a 16 gallon inbuilt tank. Voltage is adjustable up to 32 volts. 24 volt battery starting system but with a 12 volt starter. Although it runs a 3000 rpm it puts out 161 amps at 28 volts, thats twice as much as I get from my SW3024E . Uses 1/2 gallon of diesel an hour. Will cut my run time in half to about 1 1/2 hours for a no sun winters day. Bought off ebay UK for $550. Will cost as much again to shipto Spain. It will become my main set but will still keep an AC set as well.

My question is it also has a AC output of
A 115v single phase @ 400hz
B 200v three phase @ 400 hz

Apart from maybe launching ballistic missiles what else can these ac outputs run? If nothing else has anyone got a spare missile I can use to test the AC side:p


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    Re: A Interesting bit of Kit

    You can always rectify the AC output (you didn't mention what sort of amps you get) and have high voltage DC for charging stuff, or to run an inverter.

    You can get a 400 Hz motor, and use it to spin a 50/60Hz generator. (or another alternator)

    Some older electronics have transformers rated 50/60/400Hz

    (PS don't forget the lister/petter/listeroid folks at http://listerengine.com great message forum there too.)
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    Re: A Interesting bit of Kit

    you've gone this far with military surplus so keep checking that market as it is they who use 400hz stuff.
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    Re: A Interesting bit of Kit

    Buy yourself a good set of ear muffs! I have an old lister sl2 which I think is essentially the same. 50+ years old and runs like new, though I almost never use it. It burns ~1 litre/hour into 5kw 240vac. Can't seem to run a motor load however,,,never figured out why.

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    Re: A Interesting bit of Kit

    The A series and the S series are years and worlds apart. Noise wise I dont know, but its loacated away from the house in an acoustic cabinet and the exhaust system flows in to a secondary heat venting removal chamber b4 leaving the unit. Motor loads,, syncing, dropping out overloads are not a problem this just feeds the batteries, part of my KISS goal.8)
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