My Schneider XW PRO 6848 is making a screeching sound

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I currently have 3 Schneider XW Pro 6848, 3 CC MPPT 80-600, PDP, AGS, 2 Fortress 18.5kwh and 19,000 PV sys.

Every time there is a small voltage fluctuation the Schneider seems to disconnect from the power utility grid and support the house Load by PV generated energy + battery support. Every time it tries to support the house Load it starts to make this screeching sound until it balances the charge and can connect to the power grid once again. 

Video of the screeching sound:

Video of the settings:


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    I wonder if it could be as simple as a fan going out?

    I had a Prosine with a squeaky fan, it ended up dying and I had to replace the fan. With the dead fan, it would over heat above 400 watts and shut down.

    Likely nothing to do with your situation, just throwing out thoughts.
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    Need alot more info! Where, when, who installed, did it ever work right, have you contacted Schneider?   

     The grid disco and connect to grid on voltage change are almost always configuration settings that have to be right. XWP has so many more settings that it really is a big job to configure.

    Never heard that sound, what load is it powering?
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