48v air x wind turbine charging a 24v battery bank?

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Can i used a 48v Air-x wind turbine to charge a 24v battery. The air x has a built in 48v charge controller and i am wondering if connecting the dc output wires to the 24v battery bank will it commence charging? Or does it need 48v battery to activate the circuit or will it detect the 24v battery as been too low than the 48v battery and still commence charging trying to bring up the 24v battery which in theory would not reach up to 48v so the air x would just be always in a charging mode?


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    The manual is more than a bit vague, I can't tell if there are different models per voltage or if it has a sense to measure the battery voltage. I would read through carefully;

    https://www.emarineinc.com/pdf/Wind Generator/Air X_Owners Manual REV.pdf
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    I would therefore have to connect the output of the 48v air x to a 24v dc wind charge controller, then that in turn connect to the 24v battery and that way the 24v controller would regulate the charge coming from the 48v output?
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    Unless they (airX) changed something, they only have 2 output wires from the head.  Unless you have a really small battery, there won't be much chance of BBQ the battery bank, it will try to charge "full tilt" but it has no MPPT circuit, so you only get half power.
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    I am planning to remove my controller then have just 3 phase ac coming down.
    I am seeing on the internet whenet is 3 wires coming from the stator coil going to the rectifier block but in my 48v one i have 6 sets of wires going to the recitifer block. I notice that they are 3 different wire sizes also. 

    They are configured this way. 2 of the wires are kiss together going to one set of diodes, another 2 is also kiss together going to a next set of  diodes and the next two wires remaining each of them go to the 2 remaining set of diodes. 

    I am kinda confused as to why there is so many wires coming from the stator? also they are 3 different sizes. Why is this so?
    Also when you pulled out your controller, did you then connect your 3 wires coming from your stator coil directly to the brushes so you could feed the 3 phase AC voltage through the slip ring?

    I am trying to figure out a way to utilize all of my 6 wires and get 3 phase from them so that i can connect them to the brushes after removing out the controller circuit  but whenever i used all of them there is a binding up of the turbine and it creates a shorts. If I leave out one of the wires by not kissing it with one of the phases then it doesn't happen but would i lose some current/voltage doing this and if so which wire would best to leave out, the smallest gauge one? Is there a way to use all 6 wires and get 3 phase coming out?
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    Hi all, going to also modify my 48 volt air X marine, been up 4 years and done very little, the mounting bracket and front assembly were corroding badly, so stripped it open for service and repainting only to find positive wire for bush was rubbed through against ground slipring. Fixed, painted and back up doing very little again.

    Now it's connected to 24 volt bank due to inverter failing and light comes on to show circuit has power and light on steady, I figured will replace circuit board anyway, if it's fried so be it.

    Check out this blog by Brian, it's what I'm going to do.


    Hope this helped and you come right, I will not recommend air X to anyone.

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    Another conversion to try... Using high quality flexible (exterior/UV protected/Wet) cord as a down cable from the turbine to the bottom of the pole/tower. With a plug at the bottom... Of course, you need a good strain relief at the top of the tower.

    One person said that depending on wind/weather, he needs to untwist the cord about once a week to once a month.

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