Whisper 200 charge controller

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I have a whisper 200 wind turbine.  I disconnected the turbine from the battery bank and when I reconnected it it didn't work. It had no lights on on the charge controller and it didn't charge.  I have power from the battery and the turbine at the controller. I have heard about the microprocessor latching up . Could this be the problem and if so how do I unlatch it


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    Don't know, but my suggestion...

    First stop the blades from turning (tie with rope or no wind day).

    Disconcert the battery power to turbine.

    Wait 5 minutes.

    Reconnect battery power.

    Let blades spin.

    Have you checked the brushes in the use bearing area (12vdc is getting through brush assembly to circuit board)?

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    I looking for a circuit board diagram for my whisper 200 charge controller. 
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