generator to charge batteries

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i have 6/7 kva generator to run my stables.
i need some help to no what i need to add battery charging system as i really don't have any idea what else i need .
i have been told I am best with a 48v system but that is about it i got a quote of of a company here in the uk . for £2000
which seemed like a fortune to me..


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    Welcome to the forum 

    Sorry not enough information to answer your question.

    Start with the energy requirements by making a list of all the loads and how long they run, everything will depend on this, there is no other way, I assume you are thinking of solar power to save on fuel costs.
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    My 48V system cost the equivalent of 11,000£. Knowing what I know now, I could have put it together for 8000£.
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    It really depends on your power needs... A 6-7 kWatt genset can take a 2-4 liters of fuel per hour at full load (depends if petrol, diesel, propane, etc.)...That is a lot of power (potentially more power than a typical home uses in a day) and is not going to be cheap to supply with a genset, batteries, solar, or even a utility connection.

    Looking at your loads--Figuring out how to get the most efficient loads you can (LED lighting, efficient water pumps, no electric heaters, etc.)... Can help.

    Or perhaps you need X kWatts during part of the day (pumping water to cistern, washing animals, strong lightning for groming, etc.)--But at night, all you need is a little bit of LED lighting and/or motion detector based lighting for security/keeping an eye on the horses.... And for quiet time/overnight small loads--A battery bank (genset recharging) can be a good way to save on fuel/have lights and water pumping for stock when needed.

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