No "load" light and load not working

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Hello. I just joined this group and would appreciate some help. I have two 100-w solar panels on my van and a 30 amp charge controller. I also have a fuse box, fed through the load lead in the charge controller, through which all of my few appliances are powered. Today I got two new batteries (150 ah each) and installed them in my van. Now my load light is not coming on and my fan, the only thing currently attached to the load, is not working. I usually also have a refrigerator as load but it was temporarily removed to get to the batteries. I need to get this fixed before the fridge goes back in. Help! Thanks!! 


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    I suspect your LOAD circuit may be fried.  They are usually rated at a pretty low power output.  I think a fridge would be far beyond it's limit.   Are you sure your new batteries are fully charged ?
     And - Power up sequence.
     Apply battery voltage first, the connect the Solar Panels.   If PV is connected first, the controller may not boot properly and get hung up in an odd state.
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    shamanaah said:
    ... Today I got two new batteries (150 ah each) and installed them in my van. Now my load light is not coming on ...
    Here is a link to your manual; Controller Manual_R2.pdf

    I suspect your problem is when adding your new batteries, you did not disconnect the solar panels first.
    Bottom of page 5 in the manual;
          "Connect the charge controller to the battery BEFORE connecting the solar panels..."

    There is also a limit to the output of the load, of 30 amps and they recommend a fuse or breaker of 30 amps in the load connection.
    Middle of page 6 from manual;
            "   optional and only required if you want to power a small (less than 30A) DC load through the charge controller."

    Inverters should always be connected directly to the battery bank! 2 - 100 watt solar panels are NOT going to run a refrigerator, and will be nice for suplimental charging of the battery bank. I assume you will charge the batteries off the motor or grid? 300ah 12 or 24 volt battery bank might well run a small efficient fridge over a weekend, but you would want to recharge the batteries promptly. 

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