Makeskyblue controller temperature.

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Does Makeskyblue 60A controllers, normally run warm. I live in the tropics where temperatures get a bit high. (Over 100 F sometimes). My controller is running the fan most of the time. A bit too much if I'm asked. Has anyone any advice on the subject.


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    Don't know that brand but this time of year my Midnite classic controller has all 3 fans running most of the day and it gets pretty warm. 

     MPPT controllers will run warmer with a wide voltage differential between input voltage and nominal battery voltage. example 120 volts in from the array and a 12 volt battery. Lost efficiency becomes excess heat. It will work but better to have the input voltage about 150% of the battery charging voltage for best efficiency.

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    Being in the tropics as well I've had to add cooling fans to my passively cooled controllers to prevent them from throttling down when the heatsink exceeds 40°C. Being that your controller  has an internal fan and the fact it's running, merely indicates it's doing its intended job.

    My Schneider  inverters original fans both failed within a year, the replacements which are cheap off the shelf fans, have lasted almost 3 times as long, running 24/7 for the most part. When the fan doesn't run is when to investigate, the replacements are cheap so my suggestion is to not worry too much about then running constantly.

    One unrelated thing, use mosquito mesh to protect your equipment from geckos entering, I lost an inverter due to one of those pesky critters, any hole big enough for them to enter should be covered.
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    Thanks for the tip! Will do!
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