How are you creating 240V split-phase power?

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I've been reading about running mini-split systems off solar lately and all of the high-SEER models being mentioned are 240V split phase. How are you guys creating this? I have a Victron Multiplus making 120V single phase. Their 240V models are 240V single phase and require a autotransformer to synthesize 240V split phase for US appliances. Looking though NAWS's catalog, only a very few inverters are sold that make 240V split phase directly and the forums are full of people having problems with them.

So, how are those of you who are using 240V split phase creating it?


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    Schneider XW and CSW, Outback Radian. Not having any problems with them since day one.
    Ok, a few glitches in hundreds of offgrid homes. The biggest problems are from people not configuring them properly with the grid. They really are not DIY unless you have put the work in to be qualified and knowledgeable. If it were easy you could do it on youtube ;)
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    Schneider XW here.  no issues at all.  legs are properly balanced (one time thing when you configure the main breaker panel) inverter inverts & charges just fine for the last 10 years (new spare in the box awaiting install)
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    Most mini-splits are inverter three phase compressor units with little starting surge current.  You can get up to 15k BTU units that run on 120vac.  That is the limit to run on normal 15A 120vac power outlet.

    Other option is regular air cond unit with softstart/start cap boost to cut down startup surge curent.  See MicroAir EasyStart.  All the RV guys are using one of these to run their 15k BTU 120vac air cond on 2200 watt Honda inverter generators.
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