Curious 6V battery terminals

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Robust cell tops with clear cell walls. This is how BAE (Germany) does it. I like the clear cell walls but it would take a LOT of bus bars for a 48V system. Then again - serial connections would appear quite uniform. If I needed batteries within the next year, I might try these if new. These were made in 2019 and show wear and tear at the bottoms of the cells - where wear and tear shows first. Called "New Old stock" - I believe they should be called "Used". New. old stock means never used I think - just store awhile.

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    Looks like all three cells in one battery case are independent cells with no internal connections.  I assume there is theads in the terminal holes.  They probably have their own special straps but if you get wire lug holes same size of bolt should have enough interface to top of stud.

    You have to make two straps lines for each battery to connect center cell to outer cells so the three cells are connected in series.. 

    If stored with electrolyte that is not good. check each cell voltage.  If less then 1.8v per cell may be sulfated fairly badly. 
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