Getting Bids for a 7kw system with Fronius Primo 7.6-1 inverter

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I'm getting information from some installers.  The7-KW size is based on a review of my year's utility billing. 

This bidder says they will use a Fronius grid tie inverter.  Is that a stable and acceptable brand?

If I wanted a battery backup to be added later, what Hybrid Inverter should I ask for?

Panels are guaranteed to be "Tier One", so no  brand name, yet.

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    If you add battery backup later, you will need to have a different inverter.  

    If you historically have had reliable Grid Power, perhaps a backup generator and transfer switch is better than a battery bank wasting away for 5 years and then getting replaced.

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    Here is an update change in the grid tie-battery/generator backup inverter.   The company now proposes an different inverter for future battery backup.  It is called a "Delta" and shown in the attachment pdf. 

    Do you know any information as to quality or history?

    Also, here is the data sheet for their "Tier I" panels planned for this 7kw system.

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    I would look at SMA. They are very good at support in the US if that is where you are. Also SMA has feature called "Secure power" When the grid is down, with sunshine, day only, you can get enough power to run a refrigerator.
    No info on Delta. I can ask my grid installer buds?
    For a Hybrid in NA I would use Schneider XW or Outback Radian.

    Your panel above is barely Tier 1. To me, a Tier one panel has a product warranty of 25 years. Sunpower, Panasonic, and LG.
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    Thank you for your response.  This is the kind of experience and insight I need as I progress through a large expenditure.  Your solar help in asking those that install systems would help me a great deal!

      I know the solar companies are there to make a profit on their work, but some may not be around in the next 2 years of coming economic and social change. I need the equipment to still be up and producing well after they are gone, as well as installing panel and inverter brands that have deep parts inventories and good customer service reputations.

    I hope and need more members and moderators that will add to your opinion!
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