Noma Panels, Has anyone used them?

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So, I have been using Coleman (Sun Force) basically because that is what is available Locally. They go on sale for $180-200 for 100w Panels occasionally.

Now the Store I buy from has New (to them ) Noma 100w Panels. The have had many smaller Flex panels but nothing larger.

$175 with a 8amp Controller (which I don't need) close to the same specs as the Coleman/Sun Force.

My plan was to pick up 2 Coleman 150w when they are on sale for around $230 each (panels only) and have 2 arrays of 350watts each.

Who makes Noma Panels?


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    No idea about the Noma panels other than the price is high, 325W panels are going for ~ $125 US, $175 CDN . Being front Canadian Tire, I would expect them to be at the  of lower end of the quality scale. 
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    $1/Watt US ($1.40 CDN) was the number before the Border closed up. Yes near $2/Watt is high but the Norm here. So 1.75/Watt with a $25 Controller is a Bargain believe it or not.
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    I have found that panels at CTC are always much more expensive even when on sale. One place near Toronto is SAW Technologies who sell much bigger and better panels at the real prices as opposed to 10 year ago prices marked down. NAYY.
     I bought some Noma double A batteries at CTC on sale and I am not impressed with their lifespan at all.

     I would not buy Solar Panels at CTC. Too expensive and dubious quality IMO.
     To me they are just trying to catch folks who are uninformed.
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    Not that I am Uninformed, but Toronto is in my Province, just 1800kms away.
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