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So I have 
6 x 100 watt panels
I have a 40A controller
so the limits on the Amps would be reached on the solar panels if put in parallel and but the voltage would be reached on the controller if put in series. my question 
4 of them in series is fine which would work fine. is there any way of putting 2 of them in parallel aswell but have a blocking diode or somthing
so that the current doesnt go though the panels. 
so the same question would be how would I put them all in parallel and not reach the amp limit on the panels. 

I would like to say thanks in advance for all replys and help


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    2 groups of 3 in series, then parallel the 2 groups ?  (Just 66Voc)
    also noted as 3S2P

    Is this for a 12V or a 24V battery ?

    600w @ 14V gives you 42A, which, such a slight overload, the controller should not be seriously affected
    @ 24V is only 21A, well within the controller specs

    From their data sheet:
    Overheating power reduction function
    780W max input 12V
    3S2P should be fine

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    thanks Mike, it is a 12v battery Trojan 1275
    yes I was a little confused about this 780w max but its a 40a max which even 600w is over the limit. 
    the problem with the 3 in 2 groups which is a great idea this would be difficult due to how my setup is 
    I have 4 that are together and 2 that will be somewhere else and only put in the circuit when needed. 
    Yes I know its a strange setup. 
    thanks again Mike you have been very helpful so far