Raptor five wind turbine from MWANDS Missouri Wind and solar Co

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I purchased two wind turbines from Missouri Wind and solar The two wind turbines called raptor five are nothing but junk they claim produces 2000 W of electricity it doesn’t even come close to produce 2000 W of electricity at even 45 miles an hour wind  The company also claims that they’re product are made in the USA which is also false all the boxes when opened  all say made in China.  I spent $2600 on 2 wind turbine which I was not happy with. I’m also reporting this company to BBB   


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    Have you contacted the vendor with your concerns, they may refund ro preserve their reputation, it's hard to undo a complaint to BBB retrospectively.
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    How high above any obstructions (trees, buildings, etc) and how far away from same are the turbines?  Without "clean" airflow the turbines may not produce much, even in fairly strong winds.

    I sail on a lake full of treed islands etc, and it's surprising how much the sails stall in the lee of turbulent air.
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    One quick way to check is to "go fly a kite"... You fly the kite to find at what minimum altitude is required to get into "clean airflow".

    You want the turbine in clean air to generate any reasonable amount of energy. In "turbulent air", there is almost no harvestable energy (no matter the turbine type/design).

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    During a quick glance at their site, I saw power output test data based on the turbine being mounted atop a 65' tower, clear of any obstructions. At that height, it appears that you should expect about 200 watts with an 18-20 mph wind.
    What is your mounting height, above any/all obstructions like buildings, trees or hills?
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