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I cant find a status screen on the KID that shows amps from the panel  BEFORE the KID changes them into a lesser amount..
is there a way to see that on the screen...?


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    Just to clarify, the kid will(should) INCREASE amps coming from the panels, by decreasing voltage.  For example, 5a at 36v (180w) from panel bucked to ~10a at 18v charging (made up voltages for easy numbers).
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    I measured 6 amps before I hooked up the KID. But I want to check again. I have an AGM small battery on it for now just for
    learning the KID. But its only bulking at .5 amp and floating at .1 amp roughly. But the battery is not being used so it doesnt get below 14.4 volts. It would be good to see the panel amps without disconnecting the wires.I wonder if it screwed up. I might disconnect the wires and check the amps again. I sure havent seen any 10 amps ...maybe I should drag the battery down and then check it..
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      @ws9876 said  ..maybe I should drag the battery down and then check it..

    That's exactly what you need to do, just adding a load to the battery will prompt the controller to begin production, a load greater than the arrays capacity will reveal the maximum current available.
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  • ws9876ws9876 Solar Expert Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
    its up to 5 amps now....I turned on the inverter....problem solved.
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