Ryden Dual Carbon

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Did this tech ever turn into a product or just crash out...


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    Seems to have been transferred to this company:


    Small bicycles and some small to medium size batteries... Appears to still be active, but moving slowly (forward?).

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    Lots of different solidstate batteries coming on market or in things in the next few years. I think Dyson is suppose to be coming out with a car powered by one and John B. Goodenough, who  helped make major advances in the lithium battery technology. Has a paper under Peer review of his "glass battery". I read from a few people that it would have been laughed at if anyone else presented it. Much more energy dense than lithium, less costly to manufacture, 4-5X faster to recharge, rechargeable 23,000 times, and the real kicker...  It's capacity gets larger as it's used!
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    - Assorted other systems, pieces and to many panels in the closet to not do more projects.
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    the glass  SST looks great if they can get it going. I am not an engineer but wondered many times about glass electrolyte. It just seems right.I hate to buy T 105s but Lithium is just way overppriced. Billions of taxpayer dollars given to places like MIT for the last 50 years
    and where is a product?? The lithiums from China are still too much with shipping.I think I saw 105s for 150$ ...now I cant find it..
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