XW6848 GridVoltageSupport is disabled after ComBox 03:05 Reboot?

I have just added a MPPT60 with 2.6KW panels to a XW+6848, Combox, SCP, BatMon, and 1060AH AGM bank.

I want to config for Enhanced Grid support - no sell - to use any PV excess for local loads.

Problem is the GVS Enable/Disable reverts to Disable after the Combox 03:05 AM reboot.  Any Ideas?

I have XW+: Grid Support Enable, 2 stage, NO Equalization, Grid Support V=64.0, Sell disable, MaxSell Amps=0, LoadShave Disable.

MPPT60 Eq disable, Charge Cycle 3 Stage, Recharge V=50.6, Absorb Time=30 min,

Custom batt settings same for MPPT60m and XW+: No Eq, Eq V=64.0, Bulk/Boost=57.6, Absorb V=57.6, FloatV=54.4.

System  will go to Grid support.  The XW+ hums, Inverter Status shows Grid Support, though with the Combox the Load AC Power is always about 100W below the Grid AC Power? 

Any Ideas?


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    Are you sure you are saving the setting to memory after configuring it (the memory commit button is the floppy disc icon)
    Schneider sells a lot of these and if there was a flaw of this magnitude, inform them.  They have pretty decent customer support, but sometimes it's 48 hours to get a reply from the right department.
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    GVS is not grid support your in the wrong menu!  Its called grid support.  Grid support does waste some power from the grid when its enabled,  the load and battery readings do not add up correctly also, as this is supposedly normal.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    new2PV, you are correct.  I had things config'd OK in XW Device Settings: "Control" and "Grid Support" sections.  All with the Combox.

    My question was with the section immediately below  "Grid Support", which is "Grid Voltage Support".

    This  "Grid Voltage Support" section has one parm "GVS Enable/Disable", with two choices,  "Enable, and Disable".

    I suspect this GVS parm is meaningless, as today, after the MPPT60 went to Float, the XW Inverter Status changed to "Grid Support", even though GVS was Disable.  I toggled GVS to Enable, and back to Disable with no effect.

    Perhaps this is a stub of code in the Combox Menu for the XW settings, that does nothing in the XW?  Yet shows a status in the Combox, and when the Combox is rebooted, always defaults to Disable?  Just a WAG...

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  • new2PVnew2PV Solar Expert Posts: 305 ✭✭
    I really don;t know anything about GVS, schneider does not mention it in the manual even.
    XW6848 inverter with 2 X mppt 60 150 CC , with Canadian solar 260Watt panels 2 x 3.5 kw array
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    Seems like I'm not the only one wondering about this! anyone ever figure it out?
  • DickyDckDickyDck Registered Users Posts: 164 ✭✭
    I have a suspicion on what this does, however I'll have to wait for an actual power outage event to test it... next one that happens I will reply here and let you know if my theory is correct. I am pretty sure there is a good reason it is disabled by default for grid-tie systems
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