XW 4548 Wiring help!!

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I have a xw4548 I can not get grid power to come though it only works on batt. Power it is a 120/240 hybrid system( what ever that means) I am hoping I can send 120 vac though L1 and N and get it to kick into grid power but no LEDs light up... What am I doing wrong.


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    the xw4548 needs 240V split phase power to qualify the Grid.  If you are only feeding it 120V (one leg of the 240VAC) it will not qualify the grid.
    Same with running a generator with it, you need a 240V generator, or a 120V generator with a 240VAC autotransformer.

    > it is a 120/240 hybrid system( what ever that means)
     It means you are going to need to either become an electrician or hire one to help you with this. This is not a simple chest of drawers kit from IKEA.
    If you don't understand split phase north american power, you won't be able to wire it properly or connect it to a split phase panel

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