400 watt solar panel

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In Western Australia I tired to buy a 12 volt 400 watt solar panel.All the retailers I spoke to said they are fake and not 400 watt and tried to sell me a lesser wattage.Who is the con artist?. 


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    It's unlikely to be a 12 volt nominal, 400 watt panel. Not sure how practical it would be as it would require multiple strings of cells running in parallel within the panels. I suspect they are correct. Any reason you don't want to run more than one panel in parallel?
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    I have 4  panels of 200 watts paralleled and set up as 2 x 400 watts  each on the caravan roof but I need some extra charge but have no more room so I thought I'd put a 400 watt to swing out one on the side of the van  [making it 3 solar controllers ].I would then have all inputs equal.
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    The included area of 2 × 200W or a 400w single if available, would still be the same, using smaller is often easier to handle, just a thought.
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    You indicated this would be a third solar array/controller, then the panel voltage is irrelevant with the right solar controller.  Get a MPPT 12/24 CC and it will automatically take the 24V panel voltage and convert it to your 12v system but at a higher amperage so that no energy is wasted.
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    That's the answer I was looking for .Thanks
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