2 Deka Forklift Batteries,,24 Volt, 500 AH @ 6Hr Rate (NEW) MFG 3-2016,,Never used,,1000 Lbs

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I have an opportunity to purchase these as I am in need of more amp hours as I expand my system. Question is they are new not ever used but sitting on a pallet for 3 years in a warehouse do you think they have suffered any deterioration over this time period they have been on a pallet and kept warm have had a charge on them a few times? 


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    3 years, with self discharge what it is for lift truck batteries (could be looked up), I'd think they're toast.
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    For scrap value who knows you could get lucky, if you can measure the voltage and they are ~12.4V or more, it is possible they may still have some life, if as you say they have had an occasional charge. Just don't pay much more than scrap, that way there's little to loose, check local recyclers to get an idea of the value, for 375 pounds of lead acid  batteries I got $130 in Thailand at the recycling depo.
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    I just recycled 2400 pounds of 15 year old Surrettes, got 30 cents per pound delivered to their yard.  And I thought I'd have to pay to have them removed, nice break.
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