Conext ComBox Giving Wrong Battery Output Wattage

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Has anyone seen a Conext ComBox give wildly crazy readings for the battery output wattage? All other numbers seem to be reasonable (including wattage INTO the battery when it is being charged), but the output number is ALWAYS crazy. According to this, I would think that it should read 15-16W.


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    That's a lotta watts !! Hopefully just a display render error

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    In my wildest dreams! The Volts and Amps displayed below the battery graphic seem to be reasonable/correct. But the displayed wattage is obviously way out of the realm of reality. I have put in a support question to Schneider.

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    The first suggestion is to cut all power and do a controlled shutdown of the whole system for five minutes then restart {including disconnect of the data bus and Ethernet cables... If you have power over Ethernet).


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    I will try this tonight. It's just extremely odd that only one data point is wrong....

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    All it takes is one bit in the register in the wrong state. If it's in RAM, a cold reboot may fix.

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    Hard reset on the inverter did nothing to the reporting error of the ComBox application. I'm going to see if a firmware update of the inverter will correct this. The ComBox has the latest firmware already (thankfully, I just purchased it!).

    I did discover, however, that I have a faulty charge controller; but that is a subject for another thread! ;-)

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    Firmware update fixed the reporting issue. Everything looks like it should at this point. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

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