Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Closed Loop System

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I have this idea where I think I can create a closed loop system for cooling down the temp in my attic which can go up to 50degC sometimes on a really hot day.

Please let me know what you think.

250W x 2 panels  + 300W x 2 Horizontal Wind Turbines

Connected to an MPPT Hybrid Controller w/ 500W Dump Load . 

Then it goes to 100AH x 4 (Configured as 12vDC)

My loads are just 80W x 5 Car Radiator Fans and maybe a few LED light bulbs. lets say 5W each x 5 pieces.

So, this is where my brain fart comes in.. 

If I put the wind turbines in front of the radiator fans to collect the wind output from the same radiator fans, it will charge back the batteries. 

The only thing I’m getting out if this is cooler attic due to the air circulation. And maybe once a while of turn on the TV which is probably connected to the batteries via an Inverter.

So before I start buying all the stuff needed, would appreciate some feedbacks on if this is a valid idea or not.


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    IMHO, you would get little, if any, useful charging power from the wind turbines.  They need "clean" airflow, not the turbulent flow which the rad fans would produce.

    For attic cooling, the best bang for the buck is generally improving natural draft ventilation with better ridge and soffit venting.  This can make a huge difference.
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    Not sure where the car radiators fit into the picture, but from the sounds of it you are trying to achieve some form of energy recapture or perhaps perpetual motion. Insulation of the ceiling along with roof peak ventilation will dramatically reduce the heat transfer into the living space. This can be active or passive however passive seems to work almost as well as active, with a fan for example. this is especially important for off grid as ever little bit of conservation is important. Had an attic fan once which stopped working, there was little change to comfort so didn't bother to repair it.
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    I have a pair of these inexpensive radiator fans venting my garage in Baja. I have both powered by a single, hard wired 65 watt 12 volt solar panel. When connecting a single fan to the panel I could tell it would probably burn out in short order. It was running really really, fast. When I connected two fans to the single panel they ran great and actually run at different speeds depending on the sun's intensity. This setup has been running flawlessly for almost 4 years now. Leave the wind turbines out of the equation. 

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