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I am using 200ah 12volt batteries in parallel. I am advised to try to keep them with the highest SOC as possible and whenever possible, to charge with low amperage. I have three PV banks that should provide 30 amps, and I have an IOTA charger that can charge up to 75amps depending on the type of charge the battery needs.

my question is...should I let the PV’s handle the charging/load and only have the IOTA handle the charging/load at night, or if the batteries get overly depleted. What happens if all the chargers/charge controllers are on at the same time? What would be great is if the charging sources could be prioritized, PV’s first, then the charger if needed to handle the load and/or charging needs. Anyone else do this?


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    How do you power the Iota charger ?

    How many 12V batteries do you have in parallel

    I manage my battery bank primarily with solar, and generator only when the sun don't shine
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    The IOTA charger is powered by MAINS, or by my LP generator if MAINS are down. I had only planned on running the IOTA at night to make sure I start each day 100% SOC. I will have around 90-12oamps coming in on three charge/controllers. I am only moving critical circuits to full time solar, so I still have MAINS, a hybrid setup I know. I have six of the batteries for a total of 1200ah.
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    What is the system for if the batteries are charged all the time never being cycled, just curious.
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    It is a hybrid really. All of my critical requirements are on solar, except for the 220AC items (which I bkup with reduced function alternatives.) This allows me to reduce my monthly power bill just enough to recoup my investment. It also eliminates the need for a larger BKUP/recovery generator, which I need for medical reasons. The reason I am trying to keep discharge percentage low is to help ensure the longest possible battery(12volt GEL 200ah) life. I only need about seven years for the system to pay for itself, and I am hoping for more. The electronics should last longer, and I have redundant equipment limited to no more than 50%, allowing me to keep running if I have an equipment failure. I plan to just have the charger on at night to handle the nighttime load, and to top off the batteries if needed, but was wondering about all the multiple charging sources, hence the original question. Trying to make it as automated as possible.
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    I never use my Iota chargers except for bulk generator charging.  They are good for this purpose, but IIRC have pretty limited adjustment for voltages, etc.

    In your application, I would use pv controllers to float the bank at lowish voltage.  In an outage, I would run the bank down to a 40-60% state of charge (assuming available solar vs loads gets it that far down), then recharge with generator/Iota up to ~85% SOC and let solar finish.  If outages are common, I'd keep discharge closer to 50-60%.  If less common, I'd go deeper on the assumption the bank will die of old age before it dies from cycling anyway.

    With 6 batteries in parallel, you'll want to keep an eye on individual states of charge, as overall SOC could hide individual battery issues.
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    Thanks for the advice. I will manually make this happen until I can figure out the pattern using the PV’s.
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