Opinions / Reviews on the Victron MultiPlus 3000 Watt 24 Volt Inverter & 120 Amp Battery Charger

tr0ytr0y Solar Expert Posts: 86 ✭✭✭
Seems like lots of these are showing up in the RV market. I am planning a 24V upgrade to my RV has anyone here gone this route ? Thanks 


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    Note that Victron is absolutely nowhere near a top of the line products company, the way that Outback, MidNite Solar, Magnum, Schneider, etc happen to be. They are nicer than most of their made-in-China competition, sure, but that really isn't saying a lot, to tell you the truth. As a matter of fact, Samlex makes a better product IMO, and their product is slightly cheaper: https://www.solar-electric.com/samlex-evo-2224-inverter-charger.html

    DoD= depth of discharge= amount removed from that battery   SoC= state of charge= amount remaining in that battery
    So, 0% DoD= 100% SoC, 25% DoD= 75% SoC, 50% DoD= 50% SoC, 75% DoD= 25% SoC, 100% DoD= 0% SoC
    A/C= air conditioning AC= alternating current (what comes from the outlets in your home) DC= direct current (what batteries & solar panels use)
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    I'm probably going to get to get the non RV samlex 2,000w pure sine wave inverter, with out batt charger.

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    Looked at the Amazon link for the reviews and saw the price. I paid less for my Schneider Conext SW 4024.
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    Victron is a very good product but probably not easily serviced here in NA. I have quite a few clients using them in Australia.
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