Xantrex 2524 died - repair or replace

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Our otherwise trusty Xantrex SW  Plus 2524 inverter failed about two weeks ago after 12+ years of solid performance. Getting it to the only repair center in Nicaragua given the current civil unrest was a challenge and the estimate just came in. 

The problem was a fault in the display panel/control circuit module generating an error code (05g - input relay failed) that was shutting down the inverter. 

The cost to repair is about $425  using a used panel/circuit board. The cost to replace with an anywhere near comparable inverter (Schneider/Context 2524) is $2200-2500.

Kind of hate to toss it for the sake of the display panel/ control circuit but maybe 12 years is a reasonable life. And replacing an old part with an expensive old part....?

Your thoughts about hanging on to this model of Xantrex  would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    WOW! That's 2x the cost in the US, our sponsor has the SW 2524 for $1239 with free shipping in the US.


    I didn't realize they went out of title sync with this, I had heard they were discontinuing the 4024, at 3000 watts/3300 for 30 minutes, this looks like close to a direct replacement. I thought @Dave Angelini  had said they were discontinuing 24 volt inverters in the Conext line, but perhaps I mis understood.

    Are duties that high that shipping 1 into the country is impractical? I express shipped 38 lbs of camera gear to Japan for <$200 (8-10days, about 10 years ago). This weighs 50lbs...

    I don't know if I would put that much money into it if you can replace it for less than $2000, at $2500 I would consider it if they will warranty their work for 6 months. It's a balance, you will have to decide. Issues with importing might be a big consideration.

    Be safe!

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    All electronic devices have a life expectancy, some say 10-15 years, electrolitic capacitors are especially prone to failure, drying out over time, this would be more of a problem in high ambient temperatures. The repair versus replacement question, it's difficult to warrant spending large amounts when the ballance of components are the same age as the ones that failed. Perhaps an electonics tech could check/replace capacitors you never know, capacitors are cheap. Just a thought.
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    Yeh, the import costs are crazy - include transport cost, insurance, customs/broker fees, sales tax and then duty on top of all that (75%).

    The repair shop is trying to find a unit in their customer base that can be scavenged for parts at a more attractive price. Another option may a small discount on a new one in exchange for keeping mine to add to their parts inventory.
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    Nicaragua has changed dramatically since my last visit 1989, runaway inflation,  local currency worth nothing, no private vehicles, made the mistake of exchanging Dollars for Cordobas, was a multimillionaire for a day, but all it got me in the end was a plate of rice and beans. My second hand jeans got a tank of fuel to reach Costa Rica from Managua on a motorcycle. Managua was a ghost town, shells of buildings with squatters, horse drawn carts and stray dogs, not much else. The roads were great however, good condition with no traffic, except the odd tractor drawn trailer....bus? Sorry not trying to derail, just reminiscing  the past.
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    If I could swing it financially, I'd both repair and replace, keeping the old repaired unit as a spare for when the new one inevitably has problems.
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    We were anchored in many Bays there in 1994 and it was very nice but we rarely went ashore. I had heard recently how much worse it had gotten in the last year or so. Good Luck Nica Sol.

    The new  xantrex model is the Schneider CSW 2524 and there is a CSW 4024. Both will give you split phase 120 and 240 vac. The larger one will be easier for you to migrate to as there will be less imbalance with your large loads. You will probably need an SCP to make adjustments.
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    Happy ending. Up and running again. An inspection of the inverter revealed all components were OK except for the control module. The input relay may or may not have failed and despite the error message checked out OK. Whatever event generated the failure code shut down the inverter and took out the control panel at the same time. Or maybe it was just a faulty control panel the generated the shut down code as the last thing it did. The dealer/repair shop keeps a record of all sales. They found someone who either had a spare control module or was willing to cannibalize a replaced 2524 for parts. Cost was $180, far better than the $2200+ to buy new. (original $425 was catalogue list price for new module)
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