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If you hooked a KID controller up to an adjustable benchtop 12 -30v DC power supply for testing and put 18 or21or 26 volts to the KID  would it
start up normally and allow conversion to any standard battery voltage below  the input?? what about above the voltage??


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    Controllers generally use battery power to establish nominal voltage parameters, which is why connection to the battery first, is required. The output would be whatever the settings allow for the particular nominal voltage, the inputs maximum voltage would determine what nominal output output could be used, in the case of 30V maximum a 12V nominal output would be the maximum, in most cases . MPPT controllers are buck type devices, not boost, so the output could never be higher than the input
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    In general, connect solar chargers to the battery back first with good batteries (12 volt bank, 9 to 18 volts is typical requirement). If the back voltage is too low or too high the controller may not start or may choose the incorrect bank voltage (for auto select controllers).

    For mppt controllers, the Vpanel voltage should generally be 1.3x battery charging voltage.

    14.75 bikes charging x 1.3 = 19.2 volts minimum

    For actual mppt function.

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    Many MPPT controllers will run into trouble if you try to "fake" solar PV from a power supply or battery.  A few models may allow this operation, but generally, they assume they are working against a Current Source and try to control the power by adjusting the MPPT point, which cannot happen with a stiff power supply or battery, and so the stronger device (not always the most expensive device) wins.
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    I have run a KID CC  with a Vin of 24 VDC  from a Switching power supply  (SMPS),  charging a 12 V L-16 battery.   No problems observed.

    Used "Legacy O & P"  Mode in the KID,   and set the current Limit to 26 A (of the 30 A Max).

    There are several caveats,   in general:

       The maximum input current available from the SMPS should not exceed the the Maximum output current of the MPPT CC,.
       Probably,  the Vin from the SMPS should not exceed Vbat by more than 1.5 or 2X.

       SMPS input voltage sources are probably better,   in general,   as many of them have output current limiting/protection,  compared to a Transformer-Rectifier-Capacitor configuration,   which could have uncontrolled Isc.

    AND,   be prepared for some failure that might not be covered under Warranty.

    Just opinions,   FWIW.   Vic

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