How does solar panel works.

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Like I know that it is supposed to transfer the sun light in to power or anything, but I really want to have a deep understanding about how it actually work. Is there any thread in this forum can show me a completed guidance of my problem


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    You could start by reading the information on this link
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    Is your question about how a "solar cell" works... Or how to design and build an entire solar power system (solar panels + charge controller + battery bank + AC inverter)?

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    It's actually not that complicated. Solar cells (also called photovoltaic cells) are able to convert sunlight directly into electricity. These solar cells are connected electrically between each other and packed together in a unique solar panel. Electricity is produced since solar cells are usually made of materials such as silicone, which transfers electricity. I hope this was clear.  

    You can find my source for more info on solar panels here. Have a great day :-)
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    Silicone may be good for caulking and breast implants but not for photovoltaic cells.  :o

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    Actually silicone plays a pivotal part in the conversation of sunlight to electrical energy,with added impurities. To blanket silicone as a caulk, or a liquid in a bag used for female enhancement of mamallian protruburances is eronious, silicon comes in many shapes and forms, both solid and liquid.
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    Silicone (a polymer, of which silicon is a component) is non-conductive. I used water-resistant silicone filled wire nuts to temporarily connect my silicon based winter pv panels.

    I also plan to use silicone as a non-stick release component in forms to contain an epoxy kitchen countertop I'm making. Silicon wouldn't work very well :smile:
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