Solar panel no voltage

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Hello All, hope some one may have some insight into my dilemma. 
I have three 12 volt 160 watt solar panels wired in parallel. 
When I connected to my Tristar ts-60 I get a red light only indicator.
When using my meter I show no volts but high Ohms on the negative ground and zero volts when I connect the meter to the postive.
Possibly my diodes need replacing?


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    Pull them apart and measure individually, then be sure they are wired correctly after checking that the polarity is correctly marked on the panels. It might be that the polarity is reversed somewhere.
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    I give up.   Sure - replace your diodes, and then when nothing improves, slap the person who first mentioned diodes to you.

    Except for the panels internal BYPASS diodes, there are no other diodes in a modern PV system.   But if you are convinced there are some places you must install them to make magic power, go ahead, it's your dime.
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