Why do my panels work better when it's cloudy?

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Hi I have a strange problem so I wonder if anyone has any ideas, under complete cloud cover my panels are pulling 130W but when the sun comes out and with a completely clear blue sky and strong sunlight they drop to around 40-50W! This is consistent daily. I am baffled. Readings are from the LCD on my MPPT charger.

Have tried all sorts of angles on the panels but they seem to be in the correct position and the sun is hitting them. Not only this but also puzzled as to why my input is so low given I have 4 huge panels. This will be my next problem to solve. I've triple checked all my wiring but I'm open to any ideas I'm guessing I must have something wrong somehow.

My setup is 4x265W panels in series connected to an MPPT charge controller and 4x12V batteries in series (48V). I have nothing causing a shadow over any panel. I can add photos if it helps. I have tried a couple of different charge controllers and both produce the same result.

I am getting around 140V from all 4 panels at both times (under sun and then under cloud). Actually under sun the voltage goes up to around 150V sometimes but not over. The charge controller operates from 70V to 170V according to the manual so I am within the range and no alarms are on the controller so it seems happy.


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    Seems strange, what battery voltage is displayed? If the batteries are close to fully charged the current would diminish even in full sunlight.
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    It does sound like some sort of shading issue, where diffuse light from cloud affects output less than a well defined shadow in full sun. Is the anything (wire, vent pipe, bird bomb, leaf, etc) on or near a panel that could be causing even a very small shadow?

    If not, I'd try removing 1 panel from the string at a time (cover panels with a blanket first to avoid making/breaking connections under load). If you get good production with a string of 3, the panel taken out may be defective or damaged.

    As Mcgivor notes, the battery will have to be partly discharged so there is a load on the string for testing.

    I'm assuming the controller has the required capacity to handle the output current (eg 30a or more).
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    Hi James,

    What MPPT Charge Controller is this system using ?

    Thanks,   Vic

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    It's possible that the controller is unable to work with the low shaded power.
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    Maybe the batteries just charge faster and you are only looking at float current. Under cloudy conditions you are drawing power for a longer time and it is more noticeable.  That is why I went to heating water with excess PV, Not to just waste power when not needed for charging. I get all the hot water I need with no change in the rest of the system.
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    Sounds like your batteries are quickly topped off under full sun and you are only seeing the float.  Try putting a heavy load on your system and see if your readings change.  If that power has nowhere to go, you'll see lower numbers like you are reporting.  Also make sure your charge controller is programmed for the type of battery you are using (flooded, sealed, AGM, etc).
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