Enphase cable repair

I am working on a job where a raccoon has chewed the 240V cables on a bunch of enphase 250 inverters.  The factory does not respond to my request for information.  Does anybody know of a vendor that will rewire these inverters?  I hate to charge the customer for all new inverters when all they need is a new 240V cable assembly.

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    Do the AC cables pigtail out of the inverter, or is there a connector at the inverter ?   (I'm off grid, and have no idea what they look like, but if they are pigtails, thats pretty rotten.)
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    9999....  9999,

    Have you looked on this page(?):

    FWIW,   good luck,   Vic

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    I take it they are chewed back to the strain relief? I found a shot of an open M250;

    Looks simple enough, I'm sure resealing it would be the trick, and if they aren't doing it there would be no warranty.

    My brother had dealings with them, I think he had some issues getting in touch, but once he did, about 2 failed units, they sent out replacements and a bit of cash to have them replaced. I'd keep trying to get in touch.
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    Yo Mike 95 yes it is a pigtail with damage within 1/16th of the strain relief  .
    PHOTOWHIT !  That picture is worth a mil!  Thank you!  Checks in the mail!  haha
    IT looks like there was a bunch of sealant/thermal/vibration gunk all inside of that device.  ugh no wonder they say don't open it.  I'll go fetch a picture and post it.
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    Keep your windshield clean.
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    I have lots of experience troubleshooting and repairing electronic devices but when I look at the guts of the E250 it looks cheaper to replace than repair unless the factory can step in and help.
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