Solar power to power Approx 200W LED grow system

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I currently have 2- 45W LED grow lights, 2- 15W LED grow lights, and 2- very small fans. I purchased a 20W/12V panel and I have a 12V/9.5Ah AGM Battery. Was looking at a 2000W (1000W Continuous) inverter and a 10A charge controller. Does this sound right? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Without all relevant information such as load run time and accurate power consumption of all loads including when used, very small fans for example is not a known, it is impossible to calculate, with any accuracy what is required, but what you've outlined is definitely WAY too small in terms of battery and PV to accomplish any useful energy and definitely too small to run a 1000W inverter. Solar power is not cheap when storage is required  (batteries ) if grid is available  use it, because it's almost impossible to beat it in terms of cost.
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    +1, what mcgivor said.  That battery will only run your inverter for a couple minutes before it is depleted. If you are serious about doing this off grid you need a much smaller inverter and much more solar and battery. Not a single component you have will work.  How about natural sunshine for growing plants, it's free.

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    +1 on what Mcgivor said.

    Also, I would suggest checking into the "native" power needs of the LED lights. They're often 12vdc using small transfomers to allow 120vac to power. If possible, running them without incurring inverter and transformer losses can save a lot of power. Some LED lights also have poor AC "power factors", which can result in them taking up to 2x the AC power than DC output would suggest. Using DC directly avoids that issue.

    Small fans are also available which use 12vdc.
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    As others have said, a non-stop drain of 200 watts would require a very significant solar array and battery bank. Think ~ten times the panels and ~fifty times the battery.

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