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I use a sump pump to run a 300 gallon waterfall in my yard, can I get it hooked to solar to get rid of the $50 electric bill increase every month?


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    Yes, but...

    Assuming you want the pump to run more than the 4 hours or so of peak sun, you'll be into a battery bank. It's almost always cheaper to use grid power than any sort of battery based solar system.

    In some places, using the grid as a sort of battery (selling to the grid during peak sun hours) can make sense, but it depends a lot on local climate and grid feed-in tarrif rates. Some areas don't allow it at all. You would need to check with your local utility.
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    You can add a few solar panels (perhaps 800W, best to measure it) and Enphase micro grid-tie inverters (perhaps 3 or 4)  to mostly cancel the power bill while the sun shines. 

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