Drink cooler as a battery box?

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I've got my small system laid out and working, and permanent assembly is getting near. I'm wondering about outdoor battery storage, heat and water intrusion into the storage area.

Right now I have a small utility shed (against a house wall in the shade of a tree) approximately 4' high, 4' across and 18" deep for the three 35ah AGM batteries. It's not insulated but could easily insulate it internally with spray expanding foam.

I'm wondering if a thermally insulated drink cooler would work better. Has anyone used a cooler for a battery box?


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    Water won't hurt the cases of the batteries much, but excess humidity can corrode any electronics.  Colder than 50f and battery capacity starts to really suffer, and warmer than 80f and lifetime shortens.   but a drink cooler would contain any cracked cases or spills.  You have to leave the lid open for venting.
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