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Hello! I am new here and I don't have much experience in this field. I was using 250w solar panel with 30A PWM solar charge controller. Recently I noticed that the battery is not getting any charge at all. On inspection, to my horror, I noticed that positive terminal on solar charge controller from solar panel is completely burnt out and melted the some part of the circuit board as well. I don't know how this happened and would like to know whether the solar panel would have got damaged as well. I am thinking of getting MPPT solar charge controller but I wonder whether it is waste of money if the solar panel is damaged as well. Can anyone advice me. Thank you.


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    Disconnect the panel and check the output volts and amps with a multimeter.
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    Might have bin a loose connection.  

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    The term, short circuit, refers to a path of low resistance between two conductors in the same circuit, what you have in fact is an open circuit, more than likely caused by a high resistance connection, like a terminal not torqued correctly, or a solder joint on the printed circuit being "dry", not completely connected, or undersized, in one leg of a circuit. In all likelihood the panel is fine, but worth checking none the less.

    Could you please describe your system with more details, such as battery voltage, panel specifications, charge controller information, this would allow the helpful people here determine if you have made some fundemental errors and point you in the right direction. Rational behind the request is your statement of using a 250W panel and a PWM controller, it would be the wrong choice, if a 60 cell panel were used, wether 12 or 24 volt, but this is speculation at this point in time.

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