12v to 24v conversion advice needed

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I currently have a MS2812 Single Magnum Power Center in a 12v configuration.  I am interested in upgrading the inverter to a MS4024 and upgrading my system to 24v.  Do I need to make any changes to the Power Center itself?  From everything I can find document wise (to my understanding) it should be a simple swap of the inverters.  Am I missing anything here?



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    What about your solar array and solar charge controller(s)? You may need to do some rewiring/reconfiguration there.

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    The new inverter may have a smaller max breaker size?
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    I use power center as all the 'stuff' in front of the house panel, so yes. You will need to change to a 24 volt battery bank, setup your charge controller for charging the 24 volt battery bank, and perhaps reconfigure your array to charge the 24 volt battery bank...
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