Decent battery monitor?

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 I was wondering if anyone is using the 

Victron BMV-700 Battery Monitor

or the

Drok voltmeter

And which one is a better monitor and more usable and accessible.


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    I have the older victron model . Has been great . Like the fact that it operates on a wide voltage range , so could still use it when i went from 12 volts to 24 volt system . Just be aware that it is only as good as the set up . ie purcurts value and efficiency that you choose . So a guide but not an absolute indication .
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    I've seen good reviews of the Victron, The only one I've seen in action is an older model which worked well, with a happy owner. The other is interesting, looks interesting, but a pretty small shunt. There are some video links in the Q&A's.
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    I use the BMV 702 from Victron and love the Mid Point Voltage sensor.  It allows some degree of "health check" monitoring of the bank.

    I don't think you can go wrong with the Victron as long as you set the device up correctly for you battery bank size and characteristics.
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    I've used Victron monitors on charter boats. They seem pretty well made and simple to use. I doubt the $30 alternative is as robust, and the instructions seem to be written by someone whose first language isn't english.

    There's a big price difference though, so I guess it comes down to personal choice. For something used multiple times/day in a place like a boat, I'd likely spend the extra. For occasional use in an out of the way spot, I might go for the cheaper alternative.
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    The price is irrelevant as its a one time cost. I didn't look at prices even and see the difference. I liked the size of the 2nd better though.
    I'll be getting the Victron and just live with the ugliness.
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    I have the Victron BMV-702 and it is great. It comes with a long RJ-cable for the shunt so there is no need to use those thin wires that many others BMs use. The Victron is plug and play.

    If I should point out one negative thing it must be the size. It is quite small and the display can be hard to read at times. I guess it is made for use in the instrument panel of a boat.
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    With the Victron you can send the data to your phone so the gauge does not even need to be mounted where it's visible.
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    I use the Victron BMV-700, works a charm, easy setup and nice selection of readouts and history logs.

    I use the Pro Hydrovolt HYDRO VOLT Lead Acid Battery Hydrometer Electrolyte Tester to monitor battery electrolyte, it's easy to use and temp adjusted.

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    My batteries don't have any openings.
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