my inverter has two positive and two negative

i bought a pure sine inverter for a o,55kw submisive pump. i want to connect but it has two positive and two negative on dc connection. rated 1500 w and peak power 3000 w. input 12dc output 220vac and 50hz frequency.


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    I've seen this before in inexpensive inverters, I suspect they are bonded/same input, but check your owners manual. With a 12 volt 1500 watt inverter, you will want very heavy wire from your battery bank, as too thin a wire will create a voltage drop and your inverter may shut down, 1500 watts at 12volts is (1500/12=) 125 amps! You will want your battery bank close to the inverter to shorten the wire runs as well. Also having too small a battery bank can create a problem as the battery capacity in amps is rated at a 20 hour discharge (normally) Higher discharge rates will effectively lower the available capacity.
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    Have seen an inverter with 2 sets of DC inputs, a 2000W 24V in this case, at a local store, looked to be 2×1Kw units stacked, not sure if this is the case with yours, do you have a make/model or some pictures? Dose it have 2 cooling fans ? The Cotek SK 2024 is a stacked unit for sure but has only one set of DC inputs and 2 fans, 1 for each individual inverter.
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    Some of the higher wattage 12 volt AC inverters use parallel positive and negative cables (instead of one larger cable). For example, the maximum current would be:
    • 3,000 Watts * 1/0.85 ac inverter eff * 1/10.5 volts cutoff = 336 Amps maximum (~168 Amps at 1,500 watts continuous)
    Generally the manual will tell you the recommended wiring size (AWG in US, and maximum length).

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    This seems to give some good information on cable capacity for South Africa:

    Do you have a link to the inverter manual?


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