Battery based system drafting service for permit applications

We are in need of a design and drafting service for battery based PV installs both on and off grid. We have done out own drawings for years but not that things are getting cookie cutter the grid-tie drafting services and way faster and cheaper. Problem is the battery based systems - we have yet to find a service that provides them fast, cheap and high quality. 

Let me know who you use. Plus for the offgridders - we really need to start moving everyone to some standards - how in the world will anyone be able to maintain this hodgepodge of custom one off design after I (we) retire? 


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    i use MS Visio. but you can make models in google DRAW and use that too.
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    off grid plans are still a grey area... as there is no 'bubble'-market for off gridders unlike the grid-tied people who don't yet realize they are in a bubble... the only reason grid-tied plans are so easy to get through is because of the nationwide gridtied solar bubble...

    grid tied is for the masses... off grid takes about 9000% more responsiblity, planning, maitenance, etc.. reletavley few are off grid... thus the permit proess is still grey due to lack of people off grid..... mah 2 centz
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    IMHO it is impossible to standardize while using low voltage car batteries.  There are too many steps to getting to high output, and corners that are tempting to cut.
    Hopefully the introduction of high voltage home batteries will bring some standards to the market.  And smaller components.  (Higher voltage can carry the same POWER across a much thinner wire).
    From what I have seen old-school-ers will fight it, but there's no denying that high voltage batteries are the right way to design home systems.
  • YehoshuaAgapaoYehoshuaAgapao Solar Expert Posts: 280 ✭✭
    I did my drawings in LibreOffice Draw (open source variant of Visio)
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