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Can you series 2 panels for 66 volts to a combiner and then 2 more parallel for 33 volts and put them in same combiner box??


  • Raj174
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    No, the voltages must be within 10 percent of each other. The closer the better, less power loss.

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  • westbranch
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    Assuming they are all the same panel, or compatible, you should run them in 2 sets of [2 in series].
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  • ws9876
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    I wouldnt do this but.....for theory it could be done and it would just average out voltage ,about 50 volts and amperage would add up with a certain loss..but it could be done yes??

  • vtmaps
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    I don't think it will work as a simple average.  I presume you are using an MPPT controller which may get confused looking for the maximum power point.   Also, I'm not sure how high a voltage (66 volts) you can backfeed a 33 volt panel with.

    Apparently you have four 33 volt panels... why don't you just make two 66 volt strings?

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