honda eu20i oil light

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Just got a new honda gen . sales man in shop said when oil is low the oil light will come on .but the generator will not automatically stop on low oil .
But reading the manual it says there IS a low oil shut down . can a assume the suplyers sales man is incorrect .?
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    It will shut down when the oil is low, It has a sensor. I really haven't had a issue with mine, but sometimes if it won't start check the oil, I'v had to add oil before starting. I have read that when the oil is dirty it can be a problem also, gets bubbles on it. It does have a oil alert light , but I don't know what turns it on, if the generator isn't running it has no power, maybe it's a two step process.

    If you buy one of those spouts on ebay you can change the oil in 2 minutes. I have a detergent bottle I cut off with a mark ( just shy of 16 oz. ) I fill it with fresh oil. Remove dip stick, install spout, Tip it over to drain to drain into a waste oil container and tip it back to fill and remove spout and reinstall the dip stick. done.

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    It shuts down on low oil.  As Blackcherry mentioned, when oil is dirty the oil sensor sticks.  The generator will start, but shut down in less than a minute.  As it warms up some, the generator will run fine.  Sometimes it takes 3 starts before it will keep going.  In cold weather, the oil can be dirty enough in just 30 hours runtime to cause this problem.

    btw, my eu2000 has many, unknown thousands of hours on it... it don't owe me a nickel.  I will buy another when the time comes. 

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    Make sure the unit is as close to level as you can get...  I had mine shut down for 'low oil',...  checked and it was fine, then noticed that it was sitting at a bit of an angle off level, re-positioned it and voila, no problem...
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    Thanks for all replys . what s fantastic forum .
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    It doesn't take much to stop the generator. I have the EU1000 and a couple of tablespoons of oil can make the difference between running and not.
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