New here, I do not want to break the rules.

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Can I offer some used towers for sale? Or is that not allowed? Thanks


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    There is a for sale thread in the General section. So long as you are not a commercial company, I think it's fine...
    ...PS- I'm nobody, but in general it's frowned upon to post commercially on a sponsored website.
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  • GUSRENTITGUSRENTIT Registered Users Posts: 14
    Thank you Photowhit, I'm far from commercial, LOL,,, I have 4 towers that I bought to do windgens on my place and then I got ill and cannot do them, and I have to sell everything and move to a much lower altitude. After I sell everything I'm moving to Arkansas.
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    Photowhit wrote: »
    There is a for sale thread in the General section..

    Ah! So that's where it's been hiding! Obviously I was looking in all the wrong places.
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    You can find the thread here:

    For Sale Thread

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