24V hydro wind solar system - need help

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Hi guys

Before I start I need to say I am new in this. I am looking for hydro system to help mi keep my system live up to 10 days. The system I have is CCTV equipment that include DVR (240V) , PTZ camera, audio amplifier (240V), power pack 12V 5 AMP for up to extra 4 cameras and 8 detectors. The system is used at bulding sites so main power is 110V. The system use 2x 12V battery (around 110Ah each) as a backup for main power fail. Becauce some of the equipment requires 240V we need to use inverters from 24V to 240V.

more details about the system :

main power (110V) - charger for batery back up (2x 12V baterries) - inverter from 24V to 240V - and power split for the above equipment

We tried inverter from 24V to 240V 1500W and the system goes down after some time. Roughtly to keep the system life I need around 2000W - 2500W.

As I sad I don't know about wind solar power systems but I read about it and found kit systems like this:


700W hybrid kit: 400W Wind Turbine Generator &300W solar panel Home 24V System

or any...

Please advice.

Many thx.


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    You posted the same message many, many times.

    Are you looking for a water (Hydro) system, Solar PV, or Wind Turbine ?
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    hi, thx for replay. yes I notice that, sorry for that.

    I am looking for Solar + wind turbine system.

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    I am a little confused about your needs... You mention Hydro, Solar, and Wind. And this is a portable system.

    If you are out of Quebec/Canada, many times folks talk about Hydro but really are speaking of AC Utility Power.

    And, personally, I am not a fan of small wind--Generally you need pretty high prevailing winds (trees in area "flagging" from winds). Turbines for best results should be on 60 foot towers, and at least 30 feet above trees/buildings and >500 feet away horizontally. In general, small turbines on a 10-20 foot towers just do not generate very much power.

    So, that usually leaves you with Solar + Gasoline/Propane//Diesel backup genset (do you need automatic).

    For Lead Acid batteries, generally 1-3 days is a practical/optimum sizing of a battery bank for energy storage. Larger banks are heavy, and lead acid batteries do not like to sit for days/weeks/etc. discharged below ~75%--The batteries will sulfate and not last very long (could fail in months/a year). There are alternative batteries, like LiFePO4 which would be lighter and can be operated down to 20% state of charge without damage.

    Anyway--Back to your design. First, get a Kill-a-Watt type meter for measuring your average AC power usage.

    Next, for off grid power systems, conservation is your friend. Look at equipment that uses as little power as possible. Running an AC inverter costs you another (typically) 6-10 Watts just from the inverter being 'turned on" (to run the inverter). And with security cameras, many have Infrared LEDs that turn on at dusk--And are a fairly large consumer of power. If you have motion detectors, perhaps the camera lighting only needs to turn on when motion is detected/once per minute "flash" for over night documentation/remote monitoring (do you have radio/internet gear too?).

    Once you have the Kill-a-Watt readings (average power, peak power, Watt*Hours per day power usage), and the rough location (US South West vs Canada/Far North). Seasonal usage (deep winter vs sunny summer, etc.). Once we have the basic power needs and location, we can start a paper design for the system. Loads size the battery bank, Battery bank + load size the solar+wind. And location also sizes Solar+Wind panels/turbines.

    After the above system has been roughed out--Then you can look for the hardware that meets your needs (capability, cost, suppliers, etc.).

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    hi all

    Thx you for any advice, but my company ready hired some to build the system,

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    Hi I also am new to this really only because I got given a 6 kW wind generator, but I also need a controller to match this here are the specs.
    uNominal power : 2.7 kW
    Maximum power: 6.0 kW
    Nominal speed : 6,000 rpm
    Maximum speed : 12,000 rpm
    Nominal voltage : 260VAC, 3 phases
    Nominal torque : 4.2 Nm @ 0Hz, 3Nm @ 100Hz
    Maximum torque : 12.6 Nm @ 5740 rpm
    Torque constant : 0,29 Nm/A ± 10%
    Nominal current : 5.3 A
    Maximum current : 74 A @ 5740 rpm
    Number of pole-pairs : 3
    Speed sensor : 2 hall sensors of type SS40 A
    Temperature sensor : KTY 84-130 in motor winding
    maximum winding temperature 140 °C (celsius)
    more overload performance by additional heat sink and black surface
    Can any one find me a reasonable controller or Maby a DIY solution
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