Generating component lists given constraints / requirements?

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In the "Too much of a good idea not to have been thunk already" category ...

I figured that someone out there in internet land might have combined multiple sets of formulas based upon various given inputs, and from said inputs generate a list of power production capabilities given proper installation and use of batteries / panels of a certain capacity.

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Related: I love this suncalc web site because you can enter any locale you want, and it will figure the position of the sun for any time of day or day of the year. I figured that if you could take this kind of information, and then combine it with the right sort of battery spec calculator and PV calculator, and power demand and a bunch of other things, you might be able to generate a report suggesting a ballpark configuration of ...

You need xxx batteries of yyy capacity with a zzz configuration.
You need xxx PV panels
You need xxx number of inverters of yyy capacity
etc., etc.,

This would be a great discussion point in terms making a shopping list and re-tweaking parameters to get the best possible outcome.

So who has the closest to something like this on the web?

Or: Where is a web page with the list of consultants that can figure this sort of thing out for the noobie?


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    Re: Generating component lists given constraints / requirements?

    Is this for a grid tied system? There are some pretty good ones for grid tied systems that include direction and angle of array that will help estimate the production. For off grid, there are many more variables since time of use comes into effect too often, and you must waste energy/ charge fully often.
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    Re: Generating component lists given constraints / requirements?

    You first have to start out with your LOADS. Easiest to figure them in Watt Hours

    Fan 35 watts 16 hours = 560 watt hours
    Fridge 100 watts 17 hours = 1700 watt hours (hint, shop for an energy star fridge, about 1Kwh )

    and so on.
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    Re: Generating component lists given constraints / requirements?

    Photowhit: Yes, grid tied.
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