making 2/00 cables need lugs

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I am making some cables using 2/00 welding cable to go from the Batt. Manufacturers buss barr to the CC etc.

I got some good copper lugs for this project but found that they have 1/2 inch holes and the buss barr has 3/8" diam. holes & bolts, so now I am looking for lugs with 3/8" holes.
Tried all the local supply places and there is nothing available that gives at least > 1 inch contact between the cable and the lug. Lots with short connections < 1 inch.

Any recommendations for a Net Vendor with a suitable lug?
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    Re: making 2/00 cables need lugs

    Try Mc Master Carr supply . They have a lot of lugs. I ended up making mine out of tinned copper pipe.
    But be warned - the welding cable has very fine strands, and needs a good lug, and good compression to fuse the wires together and to the lug. Often, the fine strands work themselves loose........
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    Re: making 2/00 cables need lugs

    This where I get mine, Free Shipping, figure that into your cost per lug. If your buying in bulk you can save more. They also make cables for $1.00 per lug with heat shrink. They do a nice job.
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    Re: making 2/00 cables need lugs

    I just bought 3/8ths luggs from naws, about 38 of them for 4/0 wire. I needed 5/16.
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    Re: making 2/00 cables need lugs

    waytekwire has a [URL=" lugs&psType=P&sc=1427"]large selection of lugs [/URL] and great prices on MRBF fuses (for the Blue Sea type battery post fuse holders)
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