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Will I be able to use my Air30 12v to help charge my 24v bank using my Classic 150, or would I need a converter?
I did read the Classic will convert 24v to 12v, but did not see it the opposite way.


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    Re: Air 30

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    The answer is "no"; you can't up-convert with a standard MPPT charge controller.
    You could use a DC to DC converter to increase the Voltage (at the cost of current of course), but frankly it would be a bit unstable because the turbine's output is variable and the converters are meant to have stable input Voltage. Frankly more trouble than it's worth to try.
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    Re: Air 30

    Apparently the Classics can be setup to boost voltage, but it hasn't been implemented, I don't know to what extent, boB has said he might spend some time on it, I think, but his plate is pretty full. You might ask over at the Midnite forum..

    Here's one of the threads. Doesn't sound like boB has a great interest in working on it at that point. Of course that was back in 2011, I had read something more recently, but it's not of great interest to me.
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