best battery for solar?

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hi,which battery is best for solar,,

what u recommended for solar,,,,acid,,or dry,plz inform


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    Re: best battery for solar?

    A true deep cycle battery, after that it depends on your needs and battery qualities(specifications).

    In the United States, we often start with what we call Golf Cart batteries, they are 6V true deepcycle and often used for Golf carts, so they are mass produced which keeps the price down, For purely price they are likely the cheapest for small systems so often are suggested for first times use. They will last 3-5 years and some have managed 7-9 years.

    Likely the cheapest for larger systems is a forklift/traction battery, they may require a bit more mainanance and are big and heavy (mine is 1100 lbs- 500Kg) and often requires a forklift to move into place. The advantage is these larger cells can often last 15-20 years and some have claimed 30years or more.

    Dry AGM or Gel batteries require less maintanance, but are typicaly more expensive(2x or more) per Amp stored. They can be sensitive to over charging and heat.

    There is more information in the Battery FAQ's.
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    Re: best battery for solar?

    How critical are the loads you are running? What is the goal, offgrid? Backup power? If you're willing to gamble a bit and don't have super-critical loads, you can get used batteries for a fraction of the cost of new ones, and if it is your first pack, they will probably be abused anyway. It doesn't seem to be a bad idea to learn on a less expensive set of batteries. I use 5,000 pounds of used batteries on multiple systems and it does give backup capability in case something fails there is another setup to use. I just lost a charge controller which took out an inverter, but I just put the loads on a different one in the same room and am back up and running just fine.

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    Re: best battery for solar?

    First, what will be your loads? when and for how long will these loads be used? What part of the world do you live? That will let us determine the voltage and AH of the required battery pack, which then dictates solar panel capacity and inverter type and size.
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    Re: best battery for solar?

    Thank you for this info.
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