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Is it advisable to hang a panel upside down? Meaning the connector box to the panels facing down? The wire connections look like they screw in? It would make wiring a lot easier but am cautious about water some how getting in. I know you can put them in the landscape mode so I'm thinking I'm worried about nothing.:confused:


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    Re: Panel Hanging

    Depends n the design of the panel whether an "upside down" junction box would admit water - - - and if it has knockouts, which ones have been knocked out.
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    Re: Panel Hanging

    if it's a standard j box the position the pv sits in will have little to do with water infiltration as if it can get in while at the top then it can also get in while at the bottom too. if there are openings you feel aren't very conducive to keeping the connections dry inside then you can dab some silicon sealant on the outside openings of the j box, but leave the bottom part of the j box alone as any condensation that may accumulate inside the box, or if the box develops a leak, then has a way to escape.

    you also would be better off having the wires exit from the bottom of the j box.
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    Re: Panel Hanging

    Check the installation manual for the panels. In theory if there is required orientation it would be documented and noted and possibly this would be indicated on the panel.

    On my pole mount I have two rows on panels one on top of each other. The top row has the junction boxes near the bottom "upside down". As the panels are at an angle, the junction boxes are protected from any rain coming down out of the sky by the panels. Abotut he only way water gets there is if someone took a hose to the back of the panels. By having the lower row with the junction box "right side up" and the top row "upside down", I reduce the length of the interconnecting wires and get the connections up off the ground. This orientation also allows me to install hardware cloth between the upper and lower horizontal mounting rails to prevent access to the interconecting wires. In general it looks a lot neater.
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    Re: Panel Hanging

    Thanks everyone. I have 4 panels on the roof. Yes, upside down;) Wating on other 2. So far so good!
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    Re: Panel Hanging

    If it has knock outs, you could use water tight strain reliefs. Don't worry too muc about it, my 30 year old panels have 2 - 1/4" threaded stainless steel studs coming out of the bottom. (no iron, prism glass for max transmision and stainless studs , a very poor conductor of electric... they were just figuring things out!)
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