Inverter 458 COMBI & Link 1000 Monitor

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I sincerely hope that someone can help with this problem. I have a Heart Interface, Freedom 458 Series Combi; inverter & charger. In addition I have the Heart Interface Link 1000 installed in my Motorhome. The initial problem was caused by the mechanic working on, and installing a new carburator. He didn't change the selector switch from house to start, and left the starter, alternator switch set to house battery. The link 1000 immediately went into an E01 code, meaning, ultimately to check all charging sources. It was the alternator putting an extra charge in during solar operation...I think, or it was because the mechanic was still in house mode to start the motorhome. At any rate: everything is LOCKED!!!! The link 1000 is in the accept charge mode (lite on) Ahr showing on the display, all batteries fully charged, A/C In. I have tried different settings, however nothing moves on the display panel. I have disconnected A/C shore power, still the same. What can I do now?:blush: The Ahr display shows 0.00 amp hrs. How do I reset this?:blush:


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    Re: Inverter 458 COMBI & Link 1000 Monitor

    Try disconnecting all power & batteries for 10 minutes. That may reset things
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    Re: Inverter 458 COMBI & Link 1000 Monitor

    Mike has it right, The Link should have 2 fused in line leads coming into it, they should be somewhere close to the shunt. Pull the fuses and let it power down and reset.

    There could be a possibility that the link is being powered from the coaches wiring system, so you may have to trace the wires.
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    Re: Inverter 458 COMBI & Link 1000 Monitor

    A happy belated thanks to you and Mike. The Link 1000, and 458 Combi Inverter are working fine now. I didn't pull the fuses, which are there next to the shunt. However, I did disconnect the phone cable going to the Inverter, the Pos side of the batt., and the A/C for approximately 5 minutes. I will now install a separate starting batt, and get the wiring completely out of the house (Solar) configuration. Thanks again.:D
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