plug hybrid truck?

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Have been googling around to little avail. Interested in someday having a plug hybrid truck (or SUV) capable of towing 5000-10,000 pounds. Towing is intermittent, short-distance (<20 miles), and highly seasonal. Mostly vehicle will do short non-towing commute that can utilize electric. Annual overproduction of GT PV system should cover 4000-5000 mi/yr, which is about the total annual mileage.

Where should I be looking for this in U.S.? Manufacturers? After-market or guerrilla retrofit? If the latter, which vehicles are good candidates?



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    Re: plug hybrid truck?

    There are several people offering plug in S-10 pickups kits. Range is like 50 miles, I suspect towing that would be reduced by half. Your 5ton load is pretty high.
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    Re: plug hybrid truck?

    I'v gone to a couple of those S10 websites because I was interested in how they were charging their batteries. It looks like they haul around a 1000 lb of batteries and have big time longevity issues. Most place's will not honor their warranties for their batteries any longer. Homemade may not be the way to go.
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    Re: plug hybrid truck?

    GM makes (or made) hybrid trucks:

    Not an endorsement or recommendation. Heck, I drive a 18-year-old gas-sucking monster 3/4 ton van so what do I know?

    That towing capacity is pretty high, though. I'd want a one ton to move that much weight - even briefly.
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    Re: plug hybrid truck?

    Thanks. Saw some S10 stuff and reached similar conclusion.

    OK, cap the tow load at 7500. Plug hybrid. Other options?
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    Re: plug hybrid truck?
    xiphias wrote: »
    Thanks. Saw some S10 stuff and reached similar conclusion.

    OK, cap the tow load at 7500. Plug hybrid. Other options?

    The plug-in hybrids have a very short battery only range. Towing will reduce that significantly.
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